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The Do's and Don'ts of Writing an Engaging Newsletter


January,22 2022

The Do's and Don'ts of Writing an Engaging Newsletter

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If you’re a business owner, chances are you’ve been told time and time again that you need to start a newsletter. And while that’s certainly good advice, the task of actually sitting down and writing one can be daunting. After all, what do you even say? And how do you make sure people actually read it? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with a few tips on how to write an engaging newsletter.

DO: Keep It Short and Sweet

Nobody has time to read a novel, least of all in their inbox. So when writing your newsletter, make sure to keep it short and sweet. Get to the point quickly and use bullet points wherever possible. This will make it easy for your readers to scan through and pick out the information they’re looking for.

DON’T: Fill It With Sales Pitch after Sales Pitch

Your newsletter shouldn’t be one big sales pitch. Yes, you want people to buy your product or use your service, but bombarding them with marketing speak is not the way to go about it. Instead, focus on providing valuable content that will educate or entertain your readers. Think of it as a way to build relationships with potential customers rather than simply trying to sell them something.

DO: Make It visually Appealing

Let’s face it, we’re visual creatures. So if your newsletter is just a wall of text, chances are people aren’t going to stick around for long. Make sure to break up the text with images, headers, and call-out boxes. This will not only make it more pleasant to look at, but also easier to digest. 

DON’T: Use Cliched Phrases or Jargon

Your newsletter is not the place to bust out all the business jargon you know. Keep things simple and straightforward so that everyone can understand what you’re saying. And while we’re on the subject of things not to do, try to avoid using any cliche phrases like “think outside the box” or “the sky’s the limit.” We promise, your readers will thank you for it. 

Writing a newsletter doesn’t have to be rocket science. Just follow these simple tips and you’ll have an engaging newsletter that people actually want to read in no time!